Prof. Dr. Nadja Schott / Astrid Buscher / Claudia Karger
Having fun - getting fit
An activity program for kindergarten and primary school
Regular physical activity has a crucial role in the optimal growth, learning, and development of children from in-fancy through adulthood. Having fun -- getting fit offers a wealth of physical activities to help kids develop physi-cal, social, and cognitive skills. This program is designed for children to work on balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. It is not only for them to explore their own physical abilities which can improve their health and fit-ness, but also it can improve their posture, body aware-ness, social and cognitive abilities. Having fun -- getting fit includes students of all ability levels in kindergarten and primary school and at home.Having fun -- getting fit offers not only 12 ready-to-go lesson plans -- but a framework that shows how to use equipment in fun exercise and game situations. Each ac-tivity can be customized and adapted, allowing teachers to use different equipment and adjust the level of diffi-culty as they create the most meaningful and purposeful setting for their students. The book includes photos and descriptions to help teachers see how to set up the activi-ties, and dozens of practical tips make the activities easy to implement. Moreover, the names of the lesson plans are always assigned to a "story", enabling eventful lessons primarily in the kindergarten.

2009. Format DIN A5, 124 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-7780-8650-6

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