Prof. Dr. Klaus Roth / Dr. Christina Roth / Dr. Ulrike Hegar
The "ABC of learning to play" for toddlers and pre-schoolers
At kindergarten and primary school age, physical exercise is seen as the engine in the development of personality. At this age, children are in a "golden age for learning”. This volume introduces a completely new, scientifically evaluated and proven programme for the early motor development of children aged 3 to 6. Mini-Ballschool is based on three guiding principles: regarding children’s developmental age, versatility and joyful learning. Free, non-instructed and task-oriented playing are seen as the most important aspects in the children’s involvement with their environment. This volume addresses nursery and primary school teachers as well as club coaches who teach Mini-sports games. Our practical section consists of 23 examples of activity landscapes, 67 examples, which can easily be implemented as Mini-games, and 19 complete lesson plans.

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2018. Format DIN A5, 304 Seiten
€ 24.90 ISBN 978-3-7780-9140-1


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